Here are some live videos and a selection of our custom videos which are created using a collage of various inspirational cinema and imagery.  All samples represented in the videos are heard and seen live,  facilitating an immersive audio/visual experience.

A little funky, a little glitchy, rap? Electronic? Industrial? A litlle of everything when it comes to "Trippy Lane" Blending our styles like we do! Live show from '17

This is our tribute to one of the most central character from Twin Peaks, Laura Palmer. This video was blended with an unfogettable clip from Fire Walk with Me and other David Lynch footage from Lost Highway as well as an assortment of strange obscure imagery.

Here's one of our latest songs blending the elements of a jimbe, loops, kaos pad and Russian poetry!

Inspired from working on a horror short soundtrack, we compiled footage from decayed 8mm film, an obscure 90's art film, some turn of the 20th century abstract cinema, a little Lynch and analog tv static thrown in as well.

"Chug a lug" my Donna's! Here's our cover of the dark groove of "Pink Room" from David Lynch's Fire Walk With Me! Performed at the aesthetically perfect The Fixin' To for a night of Twin Peaks inspired music showcase. I did some blending of the original scene with some strange Black Lodge visuals to make it a little more "Peaky"!
That feeling when you're caught red handed...That burning inside, the release of fire from theivery....Senor Rojos Manos....
Here's a slideshow of an amazing art installation we did some music for called Inside the Kaliedoscope, that was featured at the Winter Light Festival here in Portland Oregon! Thanks so much to Don and Vanessa for introducing us to the talented artists Kenzan Tsutakawa-Chinn and Helen Kozora-Tell.

"Helloooo!" Here's a great video from our show at The Fixin' To for the Welcome to TWIN PEAKS show we did! Covering "Jame's Song" with help from our good friend Nicholas Lee Swartz, I (Arjuna Dingman as Bob) serenaded my buddy Brendan Cundy (as Agent Cooper)

Here's a little Twin Peaks video collage we threw together with a song we did for the Winter Lights Festival. We did some really great Twin Peaks shows in '17, looking forward to more in '18!