We are ever ascending into new directions and productions, currently wrapping up post production for a Twin Peaks short fan film and in production on a feature length film!

Here is our short film "Inside the Mask" , we won 4 awards at the The 10th Annual Guignolfest: 3-Day Horror Movie Contest for Best Use of a Genre (Foreign) Best Supporting Actor (Rummy Rose!) Best Camera and 3rd place overall ! We had the best cast and crew, such a great experience, shot entirely on Super 8mm, hand developed, digitally transferred, edited, ADR'ed, sound designed and soundtracked (by The Other Place) all in 72 hours! And big big thanks to Timothy Nennig, Tikhon Markov, Maria Morfeeva, Kate Horn, Rummy Rose, Sean Patrick. Currently working on the directors cut for preparation to send off to film festivals!

Teaser for Black Grove, a feature length indie film produced in Portland, Oregon. Starring Justin R. Warner, Evelyn Gail, Matt Woodman, Arjuna Dingman, Airisa Durand, Tikhon Markov, and Rummy Rose. Written and Directed by Timothy Nennig. NOW IN PRODUCTION!